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About N&S

N&S ELECTRONIC CO., LTD./ N&S ELECTRONIC EXCESS RECYCLE (HK) CO., LTD. is a surplus electronic components management company. Since 2010, N&S Electronics has been serving domestic as well as foreign original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), contract equipment manufacturers (CEMs) and other agents in appraisal, management and disposal of electronic component excess inventory. We have developed a complete surplus electronics component management flow, including purchase system, consignment system, sales system and logistics system. Besides, we have established a global client platform...

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Ways to Buy

Move a large volume of Electronics Surplus products to professional Liquidation Components Buyer quickly at one time Analyse and buy the whole lot list at one price Just offer us your inventory ...

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Strong capital That support large quantity trade and fast recover velocity N&S Electronic is endowed with strong capital ,including ample cash flow and good credit ,so we can deal with your excess inventory in a high speed ...

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What we do buy and consign

We have teams special on business of remarketing high tech parts and equipment. Do you have any electronic, telecom, network, or computer parts and equipment for sale? We are always looking for excess inventory on new and used telecom equipment. Below is an example of the in...

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Excess Inventory Management Department

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N&S - professional Excess Electronic Components buyer, strives for the development of surplus inventory management and cyclic utilization worldwide.
This website provides information on What N&S Buys and Ways to Buy.